1st Annual BeeGraphix/Greene Cove .5K "Run"

Yes, .5K (That's only half a K!)


Saturday July 21st, 2018

REGISTRATION at bgxcove5k.itemorder.com

BeeGraphix and the Greene Cove are teaming up! Introducing the first annual .5K run. This race was created for everyone that would like to help support a worthy cause but doesn't like to run, can't run, or just plain doesn't want to run! (But if you DO like to run, you're more than welcome to join too!)

This year, the .5K "Run" will be raising money to help build a new Announcer/Press Box at the Beth Center Football Stadium. Beth Center is a small rural school that has a difficult time in keeping up with the costs of maintaining and upgrading their facilities. They were chosen by BeeGraphix and the Greene Cove as the first beneficiary of the .5K because of both companies' ties to the Beth Center Community.

The "run" will start at the pavilion by the parking lot at the Greene Cove and continue along the docks on the right, through the pool area (perfect timing for a mid-run cool off!) and end up at the Tiki Hut overlooking both Ten Mile Creek and the Monongahela River. The best spot to finish a run and enjoy the scenery!

REGISTRATION at bgxcove5k.itemorder.com


There will be no time clocks, no winners and no losers! This is the ultimate "I just want to help out!" kind of run! Bring the kids, grandma, the dog, and anyone that you can round up with $25 to help coach Joe Kuhns improve the          Beth Center Football facilities

  • Registration is $25. This fee gets you a race t-shirt and a free beer or water at the starting line. (You were interested before, but now we've got your full attention!)
  • Registration is ONLINE ONLY at bgxcove5k.itemorder.com If you need help with registering you can stop at BeeGraphix, 504 Front Street in Fredericktown or the Greene Cove Ship Store and someone will help you to register, just make sure to bring a credit card.
  • If you don't want to actually run and want to experience the VIP treatment, $40 will get you a ride to the Tiki Hut in our VIP golf carts, a race t-shirt, PLUS 2 beers or waters!
  • Check-in will begin at 3PM and the "run" will start at 4PM, with the festivities following immediately after and going until the sun goes down!
  • At the half-way point there will be a special stop for you to rest up, have a donut or pretzel and take time for a smoke break if you need it. Then keep going past the pool and up to the Tiki Hut for some more fun!
  • At the finish line, we will be waiting for you with a .5K record time window decal and a big pat on the back! Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the evening. There will be entertainment and the Greene Cove will have your favorite food and beverages for sale.


No race is complete without sponsors! Be one of ours and get an extra pat on the back and an additional beer or water!

  • Starting Line Sponsors - There will be a big banner across the starting line and for $20 we will put your name or the name of your business on it! Available at bgxcove5k.itemorder.com
  • .1K Sponsors - For $50 we will give you your own yard sign and place it strategically as a .1K marker along the race course! Call Davis at BeeGraphix - (724) 377-0881
  • Donations - Can't make the race? Still want to help out? Make a donation and help Beth Center improve their football stadium! Donate at bgxcove5k.itemorder.com

Training is easy - train to have a fun time at the Greene Cove!

See you there!

REGISTRATION at bgxcove5k.itemorder.com