Become a BeeGraphix Fundraising Agent!

BeeGraphix is looking for motivated people to join our team and you may be the perfect candidate!

What you need to become an agent:

1. A strong interest in helping sports teams, dance teams, school clubs, non-profits and other similar groups raise money for their organization.

2. The ability to explain the many benefits of using the BeeGraphix “BuzzRaising” program. (Training provided.)

3. The desire to reach out to various groups via contacts, friends, relatives and others in charge of groups that could use our program.

4. The ability to utilize social media - primarily Facebook & Instagram - to market the BuzzRaising program and find new candidates. (Content and marketing materials provided.)

5. Work with your BeeGraphix support team to ensure the success of all parties involved.

6. Provide the time, energy and work ethic to make our program a success for all!

Agent Benefits:

  1. You will make money - You will receive a 10% commission on the net sale of each fundraiser or apparel sale you bring to BeeGraphix and a 5% commission if they run the sale a second time!

  2. Set your own schedule - This is not a standard 9-5 office position. Work from home, the local coffee shop, or even on the road! Get training at our home office then choose when and where to work for yourself!

  3. A Chance to Help - The BeeGraphix “Buzzraising” program has helped hundreds of organizations across the United States raise money for their cause and you can be the one to help bring that opportunity to even more! You can be truly satisfied knowing your efforts contributed to helping others to benefit their programs.

  4. Training and Support Provided - BeeGraphix will provide you with training at our home office and via video, business cards, advertising and marketing materials, and Facebook and Instagram content. We also provide a skilled team of artists and a production team to handle the details of building online sale pages, designing art, and fulfilling orders.

If you are interested in becoming an agent, please fill out the form below!

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