Every day, cancer strikes someone that we know.  Every day, the American Cancer Society works hard to raise money for research to erase this deadly disease.  We know that you want to help and we also know that you want to be sure that your funds raised by sponsoring a sale are actually going to fight Cancer!  Let us tell you what we are doing!
    The American Cancer Society (ACS) and BeeGraphix have joined forces and are rolling out a new online fundraising program that guarantees the ACS gets the donation that has been promised to it.  Anyone can help by sponsoring a sale (Think a PINK OUT day at school or work or a walk for a particular type of cancer)  and know that your real “WORK” is promoting the sale in every possible way and providing a place for easy distribution of the sold products.
Here's how it works.
1.  You agree to be a sponsor – You promote the event and then have a central point where the products in the sale can be delivered for easy distribution by your team.   There is no risk or obligation to you beyond this.
2.   There is no cash involved – all sales are done online and paid for by credit card/debit card through a secure portal.  The entire process is monitored by the ACS so they know exactly how many units are sold and how much they will receive from the sale.
3.  BeeGraphix does the rest!
    A.  We first provide you with user friendly social media ads that can get the sale rolling.  
    B.  We receive and tally all of the orders
    C.  We decorate all products as per the sale
    D.  We individually package the products and either deliver or ship them to your designated place of distribution.  Each package has the buyers name and information clearly marked.
    E.  We cut the check to the ACS as soon as the sale is complete and provide them with a full accounting of each sale.
To confirm that this program is authorized by the ACS, please contact Dillon Spencer, Community Manager, at the American Cancer Society, 331 South Main Street, Washington, PA  15333.  His phone number is 724-222-6911 pleas press option 3, and email is dillon.spencer@cancer.org
    This program is not just for October Pink Outs.  It can be utilized for sales benefitting every type cancer throughout the year!   Please don’t hesitate to start your sale early.  The best time to start your sale is 45-60 days before the actual event date!